Fit-for-purpose Solutions Advice
It is crucial, when selecting a CRM solution, what is it that is fit-for-Your-purpose. Let us carefully study your requirements and suggest a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
Ability to Leverage Frontline Technology
We understand ability to fully leverage technology is one important part of the whole exercise. Missing opportunity to exploit it may result in missing to reap value of your CRM
Articulate Solutions for Exceptional ROI
It does not end at selecting best solution for your needs, implementation and execution take front seat at rollout stage. We work to make sure you get exceptional ROI at the end
Long-term Relationship with Our Clients
We strive to build long term relationship with our clients, as we believe in growing together. Count on us for all your customisation, maintenance & support requirements now and in future.
CRM Made Easy for Your Organisation
A billion dollar system is worth nothing if it is not usable, and users not trained properly to use it. We pay attention to its usability, customise to make it easy to use, and train your staff.
Cost Effective Solution Providers
Ability to effectively streamline & manage process starting from sales through to customer support is important for organisations of all sizes. Our solutions do not cost a fortune!



CRM Project






Sales & Marketing

Regular communications with your prospects through compelling marketing campaigns, and staying on top of sales process is life of any business.

Document Management

Integrate your CRM with document management systems portals to keep record of all your clients’ relevant documents for quick and easy referencing

Call Centre & CTI

CRM and call centre platform integration provides caller’s information in real time for effective communication, personalised response, and more

Third Party Integration

To get 360 degree view of customers, and capture important facts, it is vital to integrate various back-office ERP applications with your CRM

Customer Services

Customer Care staff need customers’ data readily available for effective & satisfying service; to improve company value & business performance

BI & Reports

Empower your team with actionable information to carry out day-to-day functions and conduct predictive analysis for suggested next actions

Benefits of CRM

Better Customer Experience

CRM software makes it simple to keep customer information organised, allowing access to complete relationship information for great customer experience

Quality Leads Generation

Spearhead targeted marketing campaigns by leveraging CRM customer segmentation to identify and pursue quality leads, resulting in higher conversion rates

More Selling Opportunities

With right information at hand shorten the sales cycle, build & nurture relationships with new as well as your existing clients, and create more selling opportunities

Integrated Business Process

Integrate your CRM with third party backoffice applications, as well as use it to manage all key workflows & processes such as quotes, contracts, and projects

CRM Software for Purpose

Enduring Relationship

Don’t stop at value you obtain from first transaction with your customer, develop an enduring relationship to generate profits for a lifetime.

Reduce Costs

CRM systems can reduce your customer acquisition costs in several ways, and help you sell more by improving your selling processes

Increase Revenues

Aim for larger share of wallet by expanding breadth & length of relationship with customer, let them use full range of your products & services

Our CRM Services

Get in touch with us for your planning, implementation, execution, training, maintenance & support needs