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How does a ‘significant’ increase in sales and productivity sound?

This could realistically be you in a matter of weeks.

We use our business transformation experience to help companies grow and prosper.
You could say that we’re the CRM experts.

If you already use a CRM (client relationship management) software, it’s our job to make sure you maximise its potential. If you are thinking about implementing a CRM for the first time, we’ll ensure you get the very best fit for your organisation. By doing so, the results you’ll achieve could seriously be nothing short of exceptional. A marked surge in sales and improved client retention are just two of the main benefits a consultation can produce.

CRM is all about business transformation. It’s about improving your workflow processes and maximising every possible opportunity for growth and streamlining. And because we are not tied to any one supplier of CRM solutions, we can provide a completely unbiased opinion as to what will work best for your workforce.

ISETech CRM Consultancy Services

Rollout & Customisation

  • The user-first CRM implementation approach
  • Gap analysis and process improvement
  • Customised the out-of-box solution
  • Best practices & optimal usage training

CRM Project Management

  • Adapt objectives to company strategy
  • CRM integration with your overall ERP
  • Deliver quality solution on time
  • In-depth knowledge of CRM platforms

Custom Development

  • Identify your users’ individual needs
  • Adaption specifically for your market
  • Ongoing fine-tuning
  • Maximise the value of the CRM

Data Migration

  • Identify migration needs, & plan
  • Pre-validation for seamless migration
  • Post-migration validation testing
  • Knowledge transfer & migration report

Technical Support

  • Making sure updates are implemented correctly
  • Server management, monitoring, and upgrades
  • Rapid response to critical issues
  • Supporting mission critical platforms

Independent Consulting

  • Unbiased advice to maximise the ROI
  • Time and cost considerations addressed
  • Knowledge of most popular platforms
  • Digital transformation planning & advisory

The Process

The consultation

It starts by talking to you and your team. We’ll want to see exactly how you are currently using your CRM, how you would like to use it, and what we call your ‘magic wand’ scenario. This means what would be the ‘best outcome’ you could hope for. And if you’re not using a CRM at all – that’s great – it means we can start with a clean slate.

The evaluation

We’ll have a tonne of suggestions that we could make on the day, but we feel it’s better to return to our office and brainstorm some ‘big’, as well as pragmatic ideas, to find the best route to making you more efficient. Remember: this is very much about business transformation, but without the headaches.

The recommendations

Once we have our battle plan, we’ll create a full proposal outlining our strategy. Don’t worry: we don’t believe in bogging our clients down with things that aren’t important. The document’s recommendations will be succinct, simple to review and easy to implement.

The implementation

You’ll be made fully aware of the timescales involved for any changes to take place. And we’ll hold regular meetings with you to keep you up to date with progress, along with discussing essential feedback. The comments from our discussions are then used to create a clear and succinct user manual for training your team, before the system goes live. Furthermore, this document is a continuouslyamended to reflect any ongoing system updates.

The result

Increased productivity, more sales, improved client relations, a happier workforce. The list just goes on and on. And never forget, we are here to support you once the implementation is complete. We’re only interested in a successful outcome.

The Consultants

Shahnawaz Malik

Shahnawaz is the type of guy that can see simplicity where others see complexity. A graduate with an MSc in Management of Information Systems, he attended the prestigious London School of Economics. Since then, he has spent 20-years providing technology expertise to start-ups and large corporations in different parts of the world.

With much of his knowledge and ultimate success focussed around CRM platforms, it made sense to develop this knowledge further. After a few years spent becoming an expert in some of the most popular CRM systems on the market, he formed CRM Consultancy services under ISETech's umbrella And the rest, as they say, is history… albeit a very successful one.

Denis Kane, advisor

A graduate in Business Studies with a career spanning 25-years in sales and senior international advertising management, Denis instinctively knows how to evaluate popular CRM systems. Those years spent working with so many Blue Chip clients provided a rock-solid understanding of business management and secured the foundations to what was to become a significant area of expertise.

Whilst personally building proprietaryCRM software to use in growing his own start-up database business, he experienced first-hand the amazing results an enterprise level CRM can bring. These insights enabled him to broaden his knowledge and led to helping others transform their businesses.


As much as we’d love to have one, due to the nature of our business, there is no price list. However, we do have three flexible options. And because we are a small, boutique consultancy, our pricing is competitive. We’re all about providing the very best value for money. No ifs, no buts, just great value and even better results.

Pay as you go

Our pay as you go option offers complete flexibility and control over your budget. Ideal for medium and large projects with many unknowns and flexible scales, or for projects in their enhancements or maintenance phase. A simple day rate enables you to revise your project as your budget changes.

Fixed price

Together we help define the requirements, set the deadline, agree the scope of work, then get on and make it happen. This pricing structure is ideal for small to mid-sized projects.

Dedicated team

With the Dedicated Team engagement model, you can manage our engineering team as if it were your own. The cost can vary dependent on the number of people and their level of experience. This option would suit a company that has its own dedicated PM and whose scope of work is constantly evolving.


I found ISETech to be very dedicated, professional and hands-on, who were faced with a difficult challenge of integrating our internal admin system with their recommended CRM system. They were great to work with and I would highly recommend them for your CRM needs.