Start from talking to our consultants to understand how ISETech can help you. We elaborate on the requirements.
If sensitive information to be shared, Non-Disclosure Agreement will secure interests.
Share your project requirements with us or let us elaborate on your requirements.



We will make an offer describing the solution, as estimate time and cost for its implementation.
If our offer meets your business goals, let's sign a contract and start a project.


There is no rule of thumb to quote price without knowing scope of work and nature of project. We work three flexible options to assess price tag for your project.


With the Dedicated Team engagement model you can manage our engineering team as your own development department or as an extension to it. Depending on that we form your team out of our development staff or can provide the team with an experienced project manager. This would suit you if your project is constantly innovating and developing and having own project management staff.


Time & Material is one of the most efficient pricing model as it offers enormous flexibility and control over your budget. Utilizing this model with consumer-oriented projects especially enables you to quickly and efficiently respond to the market trends and deliver solution with minimum time-to-market. This Pay as you go (Hourly rate enables you to revise project scope as budget changes) model is ideal for medium and large projects with many unknowns and flexible project scope or for the projects in their on-going enhancements or maintenance phase.


With this low-risk model we assure that at the end you have the solution totally corresponding to scope of the predefined requirements, while meeting expected timelines and deliverable and, of course, offering you reasonable project cost. This is ideal for small- andmid-sized projects with no unknowns and clearly defined deadlines.

Get A Quote

Due to the bespoke nature of our work, we would like to talk with you so that we can really get to grips with how you and your business work. That way, we can tailor a solution to both your requirements and your budget. For FREE initial consultation, please get in touch using any of the methods mentioned above.

Low overheads and value for money

Our organization's model as well as business model allow us to operate at very low overheads. This allows us to offer competitive rates and deliver maximum value for money to our clients.

Fair and Transparent Hourly Rates

Our transparent and fair hourly rates are used in order to estimate the overall project costs. No matter if a project is based on "fixed contract" or "time and material", our rates remain the same. To get accurate rates for your project, please get in touch using form above.

More work accomplished per Hour

Our extensive industry experience and highly skilled team enables us to build quality things right the first time. Thus, significantly reducing the overall time spent on the project



As a matter of strategy, we are proud to offer the same top quality services to organizations of all scale and size, including start-ups. We strive to keep our services affordable to organisations across the spectrum, regardless of levels of their financial strength.

SMEs as well as Large Clients

We never let cost to be a blocker between our clients and their vision to use cutting edge technologies in order to achieve their strategic goals. Our prices allow our clients to improve their business ad profitability using the power of custom software.