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Software projects today are more complex than ever before. With teams spanning the globe working on the same program test methods are changing rapidly. A culture of quality in all parts of the organization is essential for success.

ISETech is a leading Quality Assurance Agency in UK and offers full Software Test Life Cycle, from test planning, analysis, design, testing cycles to final testing and post implementation. We provide all of the test levels and categories.

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Why ISETech QA?

Our focused Testing Department makes use of its expanding and comprehensive knowledge base, strong track record, and domain expertise.

Software industry worldwide is being constantly challenged by the increase in new standards. These ever-increasing standards and regulatory compliance, for mobile, cloud technology, e-commerce, agility & SAAS are some of the key drivers for a Company technological strategy today.

Software Testing at ISETech is not an after-thought! That is not “amateur night” within the testing domain. Our focused Testing Department makes use of its expanding and comprehensive knowledge base, strong track record, and domain expertise.mauris at sagittas.


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ISETech QA Process?

Functional Testing

Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Regression Testing
Acceptance Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Performance Testing
Usability Testing
Security Testing
Portability Testing

Our Quality Assurance and test teams perform test basis document reviews, test planning, test analysis and design, test validation and verification, and test reporting through the different test levels.

In contrast, We perform the following Software Testing functions:

Implement organisational quality policies, standards and processes
Assist projects with preparing software quality assurance or project quality plans
Assure that project processes conform to quality plans
Conduct regular audits of project products and processes, and present regular assess ments to senior management
Escalate situations where there are deviations from guidelines or standards
Assure that:
Independent reviews are conducted
Change control procedures for projects are in place
Configuration management procedures for projects are in place
Procedures are in place for identification and management of Risks
There are retrospectives or lessons learned processes planned and conducted
Provide assurance through the system development life cycle
Conduct continuous improvements to QA process and guidelines based on lessons learned

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